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CECIMO Director General Foreword

Dear all,

The European machine tool industry is a key element to sustain the manufacturing activity in Europe. Thanks to their R&D-generated solutions, industrial sectors like automotive, aerospace, power generation, medical products and general engineering can produce more efficiently, more accurately, faster, cheaper and more environment friendly. The machine tool sector contributes to the Lisbon Agenda and aims at making the European Union the most competitive economy in the world.
European machine tools have always been considered as a state-of-the-art technology thanks to strong investments in R&D and the strong dynamism and reactivity of our companies, most of them being SMEs. Their product offer is highly specialised and customised with a high focus on after sales services. These companies are present in all segment products, all end user industries and all geographical areas, which make it a very diversified and thus a very competitive industry.

Due to the machine tool markets’ globalisation, there will be an increasing specialisation of the countries in the segments of products where they are most competitive. The European machine tool producers are mostly competitive in highly innovative, technological and precise machines. The machine tools sector is continuously innovating to meet customer demands with products that: have extended life, provide improved performance, have high reliability, are safer to operate, are eco-efficient and provide an integrated solution to the customers. These companies are also innovating in new business models like renting machine tools for instance.
The European Machine Tool manufacturers have a leading (44-46%) global market share in the production of machine tools, well ahead of Japan (18%) and China (15%). The European countries remain the first exporters of machine tools.

In order to keep a leading position we need the right business environment to market the most competitive manufacturing solutions worldwide. We need adequate legislation, skilled workforces, innovation, proper financing, good supply chains and infrastructures to name a few. Therefore the European machine tool sector has decided to create CECIMO in 1950 to represent and promote their interests. 50 years later, CECIMO still focus on how to boost the European machine tool industries’ competitiveness in facing the challenges of globalisation, the fight against climate change / environmental protection, the importance of market surveillance/enforcement, the specific needs of SME’s and the lack of skilled labour force. CECIMO does encourage a research and innovation strategy driven by the present and future needs of the market. One of CECIMO’s missions is also to foster innovation and integration of new technologies through the involvement of industrial enterprises in national and European programmes.
Our website is one of tools to better communicate about the achievements of our sector and its on-going investments in innovation as well as on its opinions and position papers on socio-economic and political issues. The website also explains the structure, mission, objectives and activities of CECIMO as an international association. But the most important is that when reading our website, you will be even more convinced that we are a very promising sector.
You will find the tagline “Where manufacturing begins” throughout our website. We have designed this tagline to highlight the enabling technologies provided by the machine tool industry to many end-user industries in the capital and consumer goods sectors. This leads me back to my opening statement which remains fundamental: “The European machine tool industry is a key element to sustain the manufacturing activity in Europe”.
Finally I would like to invite you to contributing with your ideas and knowledge to our work. We will do our best to take your input in account.  So do not hesitate to post an article on our blog or to send me an email: information (at) cecimo.eu
Filip Geerts, Director General

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