Where manufacturing begins

CECIMO's history

CECIMO was founded in 1950. Its sole purpose was to organize a new type of exhibition complying with exacting rules. The aim of CECIMO has been to provide purchasers of machine tools, those working in the industry and connected with it, a complete view of the market place as possible.

Thus the European exhibitions of machine tools were created as the only display in the world where only manufacturers of equipment may exhibit, and also where only the machines of one category are displayed in the same hall.
The first E.E.M.O. (Exposition européenne de machines-outils, or European machine tools exhibition) was held in 1951.


From 1951 to 1971 the exhibitions space was trebled and the number of visitors continued to increase.
Although the exhibition was limited till the end of 1971 to manufacturers from the member companies of CECIMO, E.E.M.O. was already the largest exhibition for machine tools in the world. With the first EMO® in Paris (1975) the exhibition opened its door to non-European, CECIMO showed its desire for:

  • provide machine tool users with an opportunity to see and compare products from all over the world at a single exhibition;

  • include a still greater concentration of production equipment for user equipments and assist contacts between manufacturers andbuyers; so important because by stimulated by customers demands inform manufacturers of competitive products, thus promoting collaboration between them, for example, through licensed agreements;

  • stimulate the dialogue between science and industry;

  • facilitate successful investment policies in individual undertakings by presenting a comprehensive view of the state of the machine tool art at regular intervals.

The success of this policy is clear to see. Since 1981, CECIMO has promoted the European machine tool industry in overseas countries which are rapidly establishing an industrial basis, by the organisation of EMTO (European machine Tool Exhibitions Overseas). The first of these exhibitions was organised at Seoul (Republic of South Korea) in 1981.
The EMO® fair takes place every uneven year and in 2003, the initial EMO® cycle (Hanover-Paris- Hanover-Milan) was modified by CECIMO into Hanover-Hanover-Milan.