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Following the success of the previous editions, CECIMO organised the 3rd edition of “Additive Manufacturing European Conference” on the theme:

“Boosting the competitiveness of the European industry by supporting the adoption of additive manufacturing”
7 June 2017, from 14.30 to 18.00
European Parliament (Brussels)
Hosted by Brando Benifei (S&D), Anthea McIntyre (ECR) and Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (ALDE), Members of the European Parliament

Otherwise known as 3D printing, additive manufacturing is set to become one of the next most important disruptive technologies. Freedom in the design of parts, minimization of waste in production and reduction of inventory costs are just some of its key advantages at industrial level. Europe has a strong know-how in additive production/3D printing solutions. But it needs to overcome a series of policy and market challenges to bring this technology into the industrial mainstream.

What is holding down the growth of additive manufacturing? What can the EU do to unleash the full power of this technology? AMEC gathered together industry leaders and senior policy-makers to focus on barriers for the industrialization of additive manufacturing and discuss measures to bring them down.

The PROGRAMME of the event, the profiles of speakers and the takeaways are now available.