AM European Conference 2
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Thanks to the success of last year's Additive Manufacturing European Conference, it is our pleasure to announce its second edition on the theme:

Helping industry and policy makers to build together a European strategy for additive manufacturing

The Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing European Conference
European Parliament | Brussels
25 May 2016
9.00 - 13.00
Event hosted by Dario Tamburrano, David Borrelli, Reinhrad Büikofer, Eva Kaili and Andrey Novakov, Members of the European Parliament

Because additive manufacturing allows the production of highly customized, complex shaped products in small numbers, with more flexibly, lower labour input and with near-zero waste, it has a high potential to help European industry shift towards smart and sustainable manufacturing. Policy and regulations can play an important role to accelerate the full market uptake and the wide adoption of this transformative technology. Leveraging on the large internal market and bridging complementary capabilities across Europe will be key to this end.

Speakers include:

  • Members of the European Parliament Dario Tamburrano, David Borrelli, Reinhrad Büikofer, Eva Kaili and Andrey Novakov
  • Antonio Alliva, Co-founder, 3D Italy
  • Phil Reeves, Vice President of Strategic Consulting, Stratasys
  • Stefan Ritt, Head of Global Marketing and Communications, SLM Solutions
  • Khalil Rouhana, Director for Components & Systems DG CONNECT, European Commission
  • Martin Schäfer, Project Manager Research & Technology Center, Siemens AG for the AM Plaftom
  • Carla Van Steenbergen, Legal Counsel, Materialise
  • Jean-Camille Uring, Executive Board Member Fives Group
  • Jeroen Wijnen, Manager of the Product Management Departement, Ultimaker

Discussions will focus on, among others:

  • The general principles of an EU Strategy on additive manufacturing (AM)
  • The European Commission' s support to AM and how to enhance the coordination between stakeholders
  • Critical regulatory aspects on AM at European and Member State levels
  • The importance of AM for European manufacturing's competitiveness
  • Standardization and AM
  • Boosting the market uptake of AM

Download last year conference's takeaways