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Blue Competence Machine Tools

The Blue Competence Machine Tools initiative increases awareness and knowledge about sustainability and raises the energy-efficiency bar in the European machine tools industry. The initiative offers a common platform to European machine tool companies and coordinates efforts for the development of energy and resource-efficient solutions.

Blue Competence Machine Tools is the first common European initiative, which defines objectives, transparent criteria and standards for sustainability in the machine tool industry addressing products, services and business practices. The initiative represents a long-term commitment for its participants, embedding the principles of sustainability into the sector.

The Blue Competence initiative was launched in Germany in 2009 for the entire mechanical engineering industry. CECIMO, with the support of some national Member Associations, has brought the initiative at European level for the machine tool sector and the initiative is now open to the participation of all machine tool companies across Europe.

How does it work?

A company who wants to participate in the initiative must abide by 12 pre-defined sustainability principles in its production and business practices, therefore making a public commitment to add value to the economy, environment and society. Companies can thereafter communicate to their customers and to the public that they are an alliance member of Blue Competence Machine Tools. Blue Competence Machine Tools is a voluntary initiative and company participation is free of charge. Participating in the initiative does not imply compliance with any national or European regulation. Nevertheless, the initiative is in line with European policy objectives and it highlights the commitment of the industry to contribute to EU’s sustainability goals.

CECIMO operates the initiative at the European level thanks to the support of participant National Associations. Participating National Associations play an important role in the implementation of the Blue Competence Machine Tools initiative. They are the first contact point for companies in their respective countries and they assume the main responsibility for promoting the initiative within their national borders. They also conclude individual agreements with companies and institutes operating in the field of machine tools.

For more information on the Blue Competence Machine Tools initiative, please contact:
Mrs Maitane Olabarria, CECIMO Manager Technical Regulations
Tel: +32 (0)2 502 70 90, email: maitane.olabarria(at)