Impact on machine tools
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Impact on machine tools

Legal implications

The Directive will apply to all machine tools placed on the EU market including imported products.
In case of the adoption of implementing measures by the European Commission under the Ecodesign Directive, manufacturers will have to prove the compliance of the products they place on the EU market with the Directive by a self-declaration of conformity and by affixing CE marking on their products. The declaration of conformity is a procedure whereby the machine tool manufacturer ensures and declares that their product complies with the relevant ecodesign requirements indicated in the implementing measures.
The manufacturer or their authorized representative will be responsible for issuing the declaration of conformity and prove compliance with the Directive. Market surveillance will be the responsibility of the competent authorities in EU member states. In a case of non-conformity the manufacturer will have to withdraw their product from the market and/or may have to pay a fine.

Machine tool businesses

As a European Directive, the Ecodesign Directive aims at removing the disparities between national legislations and can lead to EU-wide standards on the environmental performance of products. This means facilitating economies of scale, the free movement of machine tools, fairer competition and integration between customers and machine tool manufacturers across Europe, regarding environmental efficiency processes and thus reduction of costs and energy consumption.


Mandatory requirements