Mandatory requirements
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Mandatory requirements

The European Commission adopts mandatory requirements (implementing measures) on a product-specific basis following meetings with the Consultation Forum. The Commission takes the comments of the Forum into account whilst making the final decision. The Consultation Forum is composed of interested stakeholders (representatives of EU member states, importers, retailers, trade unions, SMEs, environmental organisations, consumer organisations and others).
These implementing measures are defined on the basis of an individual evaluation study (preparatory study), which investigates the improvement potential of the environmental performance of each product group covered by the legislation.
Mandatory ecodesign requirements specifically defined for machine tools may set limits, such as maximum energy consumption or restrictions in usage of auxiliary materials. Moreover, manufacturers will have to provide customers with information on the energy performance of their products and/or guidelines to help minimise their environmental impact during use phase.  
Currently specific requirements on machine tools have not yet been defined. We can expect the application of these requirements as from 2014 in the absence of Self-Regulation.


Impact on machine tools