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Objectives of the Directive

Protecting the environment

It is estimated that energy consumption standards set under the Directive will lead to considerable energy savings in the EU. Moreover, the development of more environmentally friendly technologies and products will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help combat global warming.  

Enhancing the internal market

The EU regulation on ecodesign aims to remove disparities between national or regional legislation on the environmental performance of energy-related products, which may create barriers to trade and distort competition in the EU Internal Market. The harmonisation of national laws is the only means to prevent such barriers and unfair competition.  

Increased economic savings

The legislation aims to reveal untapped energy-saving potential of energy-using products through smarter design. This represents an opportunity for both businesses and end-users to enjoy greater economic savings. An eco-efficient economy is also in the interest of sustainable development, which guarantees the long-term protection of natural resources and the welfare of future generations.

Mandatory requirements

Impact on machine tools

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