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How to get involved?

Take the responsibility!

The CECIMO Self-Regulatory Initiative offers the machine tool industry the possibility to formulate its own response to environmental challenges. By providing industrial input during the formulation phase, the SRI will be able to develop a strong response which does not jeopardize the competitiveness of the industry.

Therefore, we invite all machine tool builders to pay attention to this initiative and we welcome their input.

The Ecodesign Directive, whether it is implemented through mandatory requirements or self-regulation, will have a direct impact on machine tool businesses.

Inform yourself!

We will inform all interested stakeholders through this website. All relevant documents about the Self-Regulatory Initiative will be published on these webpages.

CECIMO will publish an annual report on SRI, which will comprehensively inform all stakeholders about CECIMO EuP activities, successes, and challenges.

Furthermore, you can always contact the CECIMO member Association for any additional information.

Have your say!

You can help shape the SRI by participating in the working groups of the national member associations and CECIMO. The participation of the Working Group is open to all companies.

Please contact the CECIMO member Association in your country for further information about participation in this process.

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Send us your feedback!

We value all input from interested stakeholders in this process and welcome any comments by e-mail to


Who can participate?

Any interested stakeholder can get involved in the formulation process of the SRI. CECIMO has adopted a fully transparent and an inclusive approach which values input from all interested stakeholders. Special attention is given to the feedback coming from SMEs.

Moreover, we strongly encourage customers and manufacturers of machine tools components related to energy consumption to participate. It is very important to identify their level of acceptance and their needs in terms of economic and technological performances. It is also crucial to be well informed about various factors and boundaries at different stages of manufacturing cycles.

CECIMO SRI Structures

CECIMO has put in place a set of structures for the preparation of the Self-Regulatory Initiative which ensures receptiveness to participation and complete transparency of the process.

An independent EuP Steering Committee has been appointed within CECIMO to develop the SRI, achieve a common understanding and take proactive actions. CECIMO Energy Efficiency Working Group, which is composed of representatives of CECIMO member Associations and machine tool builders execute the actions decided at the level of the Steering Committee.


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