Ecodesign and Self-Regulatory Measures
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Ecodesign and the CECIMO Self-Regulatory Measures

In this section about CECIMO Self-Regulatory Measures (SRM) under the Ecodesign Directive of energy related products, you will find all the information you need about the impact of the Ecodesign Directive on the machine tool industry, and about the CECIMO SRM.

The aim of this section is to raise awareness of the new legislation the industry will have to comply with soon. CECIMO’s Self-Regulatory Measures serve the purpose of helping machine tool builders meet the EU legislative requirements. It is an initiative which aims to increase energy efficiency whilst taking into account the technical characteristics of machine tools.

The first presentation of the CECIMO SRM (then called CECIMO Self-Regulatory Initiative) to the authorities and NGOs at the Consultation Forum of the Ecodesign Directive took place at the European Commission in 2009. The Commission welcomed the CECIMO proposal, it encouraged the sector to work further on the concept and to also collaborate with the preparatory study contractor.

The second presentation took place in May 2014 during the Ecodesign Consultation Forum entirely devoted to Lot5 on Machine Tools and Related Machinery that is under the responsibility of the Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry (DG ENTR). Four policy options were presented during the meeting, including a further elaborated CECIMO SRM proposal that was positively recognised by attendees.

The consultant is expected to conclude the Impact Assessment of machine tools and related machinery report. The Commission will then asses available policy options and prepare its own Impact Assessment which should be evaluated by the Impact Assessment Board at the beginning of 2015.

CECIMO values input from industrial stakeholders, as well as from all other interested stakeholders in the formulation of the SRM. We will, therefore, use this website to keep all interested parties informed about CECIMO activities and the latest developments around this issue. Please read on to learn more about the CECIMO SRM and find out how you can get involved and provide your input to the CECIMO Working Groups which elaborate the concept.

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