Industrial Policy
Where manufacturing begins

CECIMO promotes manufacturing, innovation and jobs for a better economy and society at the European level. That’s why we monitor the developments of the industrial policy and we coordinate with other European association, to be more effective in our efforts to push forward favourable legislation.

To relaunch the European industry and gather stakeholders positions, the European Commission organised the first European Industry Day on 28 February 2017. Mr Luigi Galdabini, President of CECIMO and Managing Director of Galdabini, highlighted as keynote speaker, that “if European machine tool builders want to keep up with market trends, they need to be increasingly agile, develop new solutions that match the changing needs of machine tool users, and focus on incremental innovation, offering continuously improved goods and services to customers”.

At the beginning of March 2017, CECIMO and other 124 European manufacturing associations launched a “Industry4Europe Joint-Declaration” that called the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Competitiveness Council to define and implement an ambitious and coordinated European industrial strategy. The Joint Declaration was handed to the representatives of the institutions and we witnessed a positive message in support of European industry during the annual State of the European Union address, by Jean-Claude Juncker, EC President, at the European Parliament on 13 September 2017.

The European Commission launched at the same time the Communication on a “Renewed EU Industrial policy strategy”, to support the European industry to address the current challenges and achieve its vast potential in the new industrial age. CECIMO welcomed the EC initiative, which foresaw the creation of a High Level Industrial Roundtable (to be set up in 2018) and the continuation of the EU Industry Day. 

CECIMO and the Industry4Europe partners drafted the Joint Reaction Paper “For an ambitious EU industrial strategy: going further”, which analyses the EC Communication and advances some recommendations in few but strategic issues, as skills gap and administration burdens. The document was presented on 23 October 2017 at the Council Industry Working Party at the invitation of the Estonian Presidency. Members States praised the document and the quality of this collective work and will soon draft the Council Conclusions. “CECIMO continues to contribute to this collaborative dialogue and ensure that MT industry’s needs and concerns are heard and acknowledged”, says Filip Geerts, CECIMO Director General.