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CECIMO Magazine 2016 - Digitisation

Digital technologies are present in all segments of the manufacturing industry. By making use of the data available along the value chain, manufacturers optimize their operations, increase the quality of products and manage their after-sale services on the market.

Various initiatives pertaining to digitisation have been launched by governments to help businesses generate manufacturing solutions for the next generation. Yet, Europe needs to pool its resources and act in a coordinated manner to cope with the increasing pressures from competitors across the world. The business models in the manufacturing industry are evolving fast, making it necessary for our policy-makers to explore new measures providing manufacturers with the right framework conditions. New collaboration avenues must also be developed for manufacturers and ICT actors, ensuring Europe is a centre of excellence for digital manufacturing. Manufacturers need to master the use of data available in the industrial context, because that data is the new oil for the economy. For these strategic reasons, we have chosen digitisation as the theme of this CECIMO magazine edition. We hope to provide our readers with different views on policy and the business aspects of digitisation.

Other key developments in the European machine tool industry are covered by the CECIMO magazine. With the EU removing sanctions on Iran, a large and untapped market opens up for European machine tool builders. Concerning skills, CECIMO, together with its member associations, has recently launched the European Machine Tools Alliance for Skills improving the delivery of vocational training in the sector vis-a-vis new technologies. Regarding energy-efficiency, the industry is now looking for the best ecodesign instrument.

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