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New Business Models

The machine tool industry is going through a rapid transformation. More and more European machine tool builders invest in data-driven business models, generate connected systems and boost intelligent production. Data-driven business models indeed provide tremendous avenues of growth for our companies. .

The rapid transformation that is happening within the factories of machine tool builders and user industries has a strong policy aspect. Governments at national and European levels are working on implementing policies underpinning the growth of our industry in the digital age. For instance, industrial data is now under the spotlight of policy-makers. This year, the European Commission has adopted the communication on “Building a European data economy” as part of the Digital Single Market Strategy.

Considering such developments, we have dedicated this edition of our magazine to new business models in the machine tool industry. We have brought together various researchers and industry experts, and developed a rich content on emerging business models in our sector. In addition to business practices, we have shed light on surrounding issues that are crucial for our companies, like public policies, standards, research and education.

This edition of our magazine covers other key developments in the European machine tool industry as well. The Commission organized the First European Industry Day and saw the participation of CECIMO. As for education and training, we have built a European skills panorama on additive manufacturing technologies, together with our partners from the METALS initiative. On trade, Mexico gets the attention of machine tool builders. Concerning energy-efficiency, the industry is now building its way forward on the eco-design dossier. Looking at exhibitions, 2017 is an EMO year and you will have a good overview of the EMO Hannover 2017 in our magazine.

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