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Data and statistics

CECIMO Economic Department provides up to date information to the member associations regarding the evolution of the global market of machine tools, and aggregates the national data in order to make European compilations and assess the weight of CECIMO in the global market, whether in terms of production, exports, imports or consumption. European figures are available on CECIMO website for all EU Stakeholders wishing to assess the position of Europe in the manufacturing and trade of machine tools.
CECIMO also monitors orders and shipments (domestic and foreign) at global level on a quarterly basis, as a way to monitor the commercial dynamism of our sector. This global statistical follow-up has been made possible by a long-standing and efficient collaboration with the associations of machine tools builders in other major countries outside Europe (Japan, USA, South Korea, Taiwan, and more recently Brazil).
A CECIMO statistical project team, composed of representatives of the national associations, meets twice a year to discuss the latest trends in the market, agree on the communication of figures, prepares the presentation of the Economic Committee at the General Assemblies, and define new methodologies and tools to constantly improve the quality of the process when gathering the statistical information.
CECIMO works with some economic experts that have a particular knowledge of the machine tools industry to help develop forecast of orders and of consumption of machine tools at global level, and analyse the impact of the macro-economic indicators on the machine tool industry.


Our partners

FEBI-FEBS-Business Europe-Eurostat working group

CECIMO is an active member of FEBI-FEBS-Business Europe-Eurostat working group. The purpose of the group is to exchange information and opinions between European trade associations and the European statistical system (ESS) on topics of concern for both groups, like the respective needs for information in the associations, the new European reporting requirements, interactions/cooperation between Eurostat, the ESS and FEBI (sectorial inudstry trade bodies)/FEBS (service sector trade bodies)/Business Europe.


Non-CECIMO Machine tools associations

CECIMO collects information on the market and trends in the machine tool sector at global level due to a long standing cooperation with non European machine tools associations.

CECIMO meets its international partners once a year during the International General Managers Meeting. This meeting is organised during the EMO exhibition in Europe in odd years and at IMTS (Chicago, USA) in even years. This meeting is the opportunity to discuss of the latest trends in the market and exchange information on statistics and methodologies.
CARMAHE (Argentina)
AMTIL (Australia)
ABIMAQ (Brazil)
CMTBA (China)
IMTMA (India)
JMTBA (Japan)
JFMA (Japan)
KOMMA (South Korea)
CROMUS (Romania)
TAMI (Taiwan)


Gardner Business Media

The Metalworking Insiders’ Report newsletter of Gardner Business Media issues annually The World Machine Tool Output & Consumption Survey (WMTO&C). This series of world machine-tool production, trade, and consumption was started in 1965 and is often cited as the reference by the manufacturers of machine tools in the world. CECIMO assists Gardner Business Media on a regular basis by providing data coming from its national associations.

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Oxford Economics

CECIMO has been working for years with Oxford Economics to forecast production and consumption of machine tools per end-user industries, based on a model developed by Oxford Economics. Firstly developed to follow-up the market of machine tools in CECIMO major countries, Oxford Economics has now become the reference used for the largest machine tools associations in the world, with a model developed to assess the consumption of machine tools in 21 countries in the world.

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