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Latest trends in the European machine tool industry


Machine tools are human capital-intensive investment goods with a high value-added and know-how input. Because the industry is positioned at the beginning of the industrial supply chain, it is exposed to high volatility compared to the general industry trends. The European machine tool industry has shown stable production levels during the last four years. CECIMO’s machine tool output kept in 2013 the previous year’s level of 22.7 billion euros. In 2014, the European machine tool production recorded growth and reached to 23.1 billion euros. For the current year, CECIMO estimates an increase of 2% in machine tool production. Germany, Italy and Switzerland are the biggest machine tool producing countries among CECIMO members.

CECIMO's machine tools production


European producers are focused on high-end, customized machines with relatively longer production cycles, as opposed to standard machines with short lead times.The European machine tool industry is the leader on the global market with a highly innovative, diversified and precise offer. Our client base spans across the globe and is active in many industrial sectors, including automotive, aerospace, construction, medical and electronics, to mention a few.

Global machine tools production share (2014)

Source: national associations + Gardner Group


The European machine tool industry has clients all over the world and machines are shipped to almost 200 different destinations. The exports make up for 80% of CECIMO’s production and about 46% of all produced machines are exported outside Europe. Apart from Europe, they are marketed successfully in growing markets such as China, Russia, India and Brazil, but also in developed economies like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the United States.

European machine tools provide customers with ultra-sophisticated production technology. Owing to continuous progress in product development, state-of-the-art machine tools made in Europe allow customers to remain competitive on their markets.

CECIMO represents over 1400 industrial enterprises in Europe*, approximately 80% of which are SMEs. CECIMO covers more than 98% of total machine tool production in Europe and about 39% worldwide. It accounts for over 150,000 employees globally.

*Europe = EU + EFTA + Turkey