CECIMO Releases the Economic and Statistical Toolbox for Q4 2021

07 April 2022

CECIMO Releases a new Economic and Statistical Toolbox looking at data for the fourth quarter of 2021. The last quarter's CECIMO economic and statistical toolbox shows new positive trends in the recovery of the European MT sector and European manufacturing as a whole. Following the recovery of EU industry in the first three quarters, the EU industrial production index reached 106.2 points during the final period of 2021. Although supply-side issues appear to be easing, inflationary pressures and higher energy prices continue to strongly influence inputs and production costs over the last quarter of 2021. Concerning the evolution of the pandemic in the recent period, the Omicron variant has resulted in new restrictions in some CECIMO countries but is not expected to have a significant impact on the MT industry in the beginning of 2022.

However, recent developments in the Russo-Ukrainian war suggest that higher energy prices, supply chain issues related to lack of materials and their price increases are expected to last longer. Please note that this Economic and Statistical Toolbox focuses on the last period of 2021, but some of the indicators available will refer to the most recent period as well.

In terms of the performance of the European Machine Tool Industry, new orders in Q4 showed impressive improvement over the previous period and over the same period of the previous year. Compared with the same quarter of the previous year, CECIMO8 foreign orders increased by 37%, while domestic orders increased by 67%.