25 June 2014

CECIMO PRESS RELEASE: The European machine tool consumption is showing growth – Trade shows offer good prospects

During the General Assembly that took place in Prague on 24 June 2014, CECIMO’s Economic Committee confirmed: The European machine tool production increased to 22.8 billion euro in 2013; The...
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23 June 2014

CECIMO has Manufacturing at Heart

CECIMO is proud to endorse ‘Manufacturing at Heart’, the campaign launched this spring by Orgalime (the European Engineering Industries Association) and CEEMET (the Council of European Employers...
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22 May 2014

CECIMO press release – DESIGN MTS conference at Lamiera 2014: Project partners give informative presentations on CSR in the machine tool industry to a very interested audience

Brussels, 22 May 2014 – Last week, the DESIGN-MTS project partners offered a conference during the Lamiera 2014 exhibition, at the Bologna Fiere in Italy. The aim of the conference held on 15 May 20...
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12 May 2014

Advances in the INTEFIX case study 2.4 : Machining of aircraft turbine support structures

INTEFIX project (FP7 Grant Agreement 609306) aims to increase the performance of the machining processes by the use of intelligent fixture systems, allowing the monitoring, control and adaptation of t...
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24 March 2014

CECIMO press release: European Council voices strong support for manufacturing but remains too shy on industrial policy

Brussels, 24 March 2014 – The European Council summit held on 20-21 March tackled industrial competitiveness as a top priority issue, for the first time in more than thirty years in such a meeting....
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06 February 2014

Press release – Market surveillance: European machinery industry’s competitiveness must not become collateral victim of deadlock over “marking of origin”

Brussels, 6 February 2014 – The EU machinery industry warns that its competitiveness could suffer a serious setback from the EU’s continued failure to introduce a better market surveillance system...
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29 January 2014

Blue Competence Machine Tools: Success Stories

The Blue Competence Machine Tools initiative enables Alliance Members to effectively communicate their latest technologies and energy-efficient solutions. Company-specific Success Stories are one of the instrumental tools used by Alliance Members to inform their stakeholders about the improvements they have made.
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29 January 2014

CECIMO welcomes the EC Communication on Industrial Renaissance – The European Council should endorse the 2020 manufacturing target

CECIMO welcomes the Commission Communication “For a European Industrial Renaissance”, published 22 January 2014, urging Member States to recognize the central role of the manufacturing industry f...
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12 November 2013

Mr Jean-Camille Uring is elected President of CECIMO

BRUSSELS, 12 November 2013 – During the CECIMO Fall General Assembly held on 9 November 2013 in Vienna, Mr Jean-Camille Uring was elected as new President of the European Association of the Machine...
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