27 July 2018

CECIMO in new book on Additive Manufacturing training

CECIMO contributes to a new book, entitled ‘Additive Manufacturing – Developments in Training and Education’, which outlines all the latest strategies and teaching methods in the field. Additiv...
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19 July 2018

CECIMO Press Release: European Parliament resolution risks stifling innovation in 3D printing

European Parliament resolution risks stifling innovation in 3D printing
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04 July 2018

A Governance Structure for the next European Industrial Policy

CECIMO is a member of the Industry4Europe coalition, together with 119 associations at EU level. The coalition has been producing different joint papers, helping the European Institutions to set the b...
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28 June 2018

CECIMO Press Release: Further Major Advances in Combustion Engine Efficiency Will and Must Take Place

The European Commission should seek a technology-neutral CO2-reduction policy.
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26 June 2018

CECIMO Press Release: EU commits to fast-tracking additive manufacturing industrialisation

AMEC - the Additive Manufacturing European Conference - was a big success on 21 June, with a number of important commitments.
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14 June 2018

CECIMO position on the review dual-use export controls

The European institutions are reviewing the Regulation setting up a Union regime for the control exports, transfer, brokering, technical assistance and transit of dual-use items. CECIMO agrees with th...
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12 June 2018

CECIMO joins European Internet Forum (EIF)

The European Internet Forum (EIF) accepted CECIMO as a new member on 21 June.
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11 June 2018

CECIMO and other EU associations issued a letter on the EU Cybersecurity Act

CECIMO and other associations at the European level issued a letter addressed to the European Institutions about the forthcoming Cybersecurity Act. The industry is calling the European Parliament a...
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08 June 2018

CEOs statement on the next EU research and innovation funding programmes

Yesterday, 7 June 2018, BusinessEurope published an updated version of the CEOs statement “EU research and innovation funding programmes matter for companies!”. The document states that R&I fu...
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