26 June 2018

CECIMO Press Release: EU commits to fast-tracking additive manufacturing industrialisation

AMEC - the Additive Manufacturing European Conference - was a big success on 21 June, with a number of important commitments.
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14 June 2018

CECIMO position on the review dual-use export controls

The European institutions are reviewing the Regulation setting up a Union regime for the control exports, transfer, brokering, technical assistance and transit of dual-use items. CECIMO agrees with th...
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12 June 2018

CECIMO joins European Internet Forum (EIF)

The European Internet Forum (EIF) accepted CECIMO as a new member on 21 June.
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11 June 2018

CECIMO and other EU associations issued a letter on the EU Cybersecurity Act

CECIMO and other associations at the European level issued a letter addressed to the European Institutions about the forthcoming Cybersecurity Act. The industry is calling the European Parliament a...
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08 June 2018

CEOs statement on the next EU research and innovation funding programmes

Yesterday, 7 June 2018, BusinessEurope published an updated version of the CEOs statement “EU research and innovation funding programmes matter for companies!”. The document states that R&I fu...
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05 June 2018

CECIMO Press Release: CECIMO announces an optimistic forecast for 2018 and gives recommendations to the EU on data access rights

Mainz, 5 June 2018 – During its General Assembly in Mainz, CECIMO reported that its machine tool production saw an 8% gain in 2017, outpacing earlier forecasts. The turnover of CECIMO manufacturers...
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02 May 2018

Driving up EU policy-makers’ interest in additive manufacturing technologies

MEPs from the Legal Affairs and Industry, Research and Energy committees, alongside European Commission officials, visited the headquarters of Materialise on 12 April. The Leuven-based firm is one of...
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26 April 2018

CECIMO welcomes much-anticipated Communication on AI

The Commission's latest Communication on Artificial Intelligence is a step in the right direction, but we should avoid one-size-fits-all legislation that hinders innovation.
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09 April 2018

CECIMO and AM-Motion partner together to advance discussions on additive manufacturing financing aspects

As part of the EU AM-Motion project to accelerate the industrial deployment of additive manufacturing (AM) technologies, CECIMO and its partners in the initiative are organizing a Joint Workshop in co...
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