09 October 2017

3D PRISM showcased the project’s results at EMO Hannover 2017

Hannover, 18-23 September 2017 – 3D Prism presented the results of the research developed in the past years at EMO Hannover. The project defined the skills needed to work with additive manufacturing...
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25 September 2017

CECIMO International Conference on Additive Manufacturing captures the attention of EMO visitors

Hannover, 21 September 2017. CECIMO organised the International Additive Manufacturing Conference in Hannover (Germany) on 21 September 2017 during EMO, the world’s premier trade fair for the metalw...
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20 September 2017

CECIMO expects to reach more than 25 billion euro of machine tools production and contribute to the new eu industrial policy strategy

Hannover 19 September 2017 – CECIMO latest data shows that the European production of machine tools is expected to reach 25.2 billion euro in 2017, registering an annual growth rate of 4%. While 201...
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15 September 2017

EMO Hannover 2017 just started !

From 18 till 23 September 2017, the world’s premier trade fair for the metalworking sector will spotlight the entire bandwidth of modern-day metalworking technology in Germany Hannover. During this...
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13 September 2017

METALS project on additive manufacturing skills to be present at EMO Hannover 2017

CECIMO PRESS RELEASE Brussels, 13 September 2017 METALS project on additive manufacturing skills to be present at EMO Hannover 2017 The MachinE Tool Alliance for Skills (METALS) project wil...
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01 September 2017

CECIMO publishes new Guidelines on metalworking milling machines

Brussels, 01 September 2017 - CECIMO PRESS RELEASE CECIMO has just published new ‘Guidelines for CE marking on metal working milling machines’. This is the third publication in a ser...
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01 September 2017

Are machine tools safe? Come to EMO Safety Day!

EMO Hannover 2017 will include in its supporting programme the EMO Safety Day, where top experts will provide insights on the requirements and challenges of the current safety developments, outlining...
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24 August 2017

CECIMO and EWF join their forces in additive manufacturing

CECIMO and the European Federation for Welding (EWF) decided to join their forces to give an input to the Additive Manufacturing sector. The purpose is to support the collaboration and the exchange of...
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18 August 2017

METALS shows skills’ development from subtractive to additive manufacturing

Based on the findings of the METALS project, CECIMO produced a panorama which focuses on skills for additive manufacturing technologies. The document shows how the AM workforce will need a hybrid skil...
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