About Us

CECIMO is an umbrella organisation that serves the common interests and values of the European Machine Tool Industries and related Manufacturing Technologies at EU and global level.

Since 1950, CECIMO helps European machine tool industries and related manufacturing technologies defining the strategy to improve its leadership and global competitiveness, and promoting its development in the fields of economy, technology and innovation.

Our Industry needs adequate legislation, skilled workforces, innovation, proper financing, good supply chains and infrastructures to keep its prominent position. CECIMO responds to this exigence by keeping up with these fast-changing times and focussing on, amongst others, globalisation, sustainability, market surveillance, lack of skilled labour force and a long-term industrial strategy.

We bring together 15 national associations of machine tool builders, which represent approximately 1500 industrial enterprises in Europe (EU + UK+ EFTA + Turkey), over 80% of which are SMEs. CECIMO covers 98% of the total machine tool production in Europe and about 33% worldwide. It accounts for approximately 150,000 employees and a turnover of around 22.5 billion euros in 2021. More than three quarters of CECIMO production is shipped abroad, whereas half of it is exported outside Europe.