What We Do

CECIMO represents

CECIMO stands as a global representative of European Manufacturing Technologies. With a primary focus on machine tools and additive manufacturing, CECIMO plays a key role in unifying the common position of these industries on a global scale.

CECIMO advocates

CECIMO advocates to contribute to a business environment (legislation, innovation, environment, skilled workforce, financing, supply chain and infrastructure) that markets the most competitive manufacturing solutions worldwide.


CECIMO provides a Market Intelligence Service: we gather, analyse and distribute statistical and economic data and reports.

CECIMO promotes

CECIMO promotes our sectors through the EMO exhibitions, the world benchmark for Enabling Manufacturing Technologies .

CECIMO encourages

CECIMO encourages research and innovation driven by the present and future needs of the market. CECIMO contributes to shaping EU research and innovation policies. It is also involved in many EU-funded projects and encourages enterprises in participating to National and European programmes.

CECIMO works on

CECIMO works on global standards to promote a single European market open to global competition, engaging in the European and International standardisation bodies.