The General Assembly

is composed by delegates of national associations who must each represent a different company and may only be persons who themselves, in an active managing function, represent a manufacturing member company producing machine tools and related manufacturing technologies. These Delegates are accompanied by the Director/Secretary of their national association. The General Assembly meets twice a year.

The Board

is composed by 8 industrialists from the General Assembly. It proposes policies and directions to the General Assembly,
and it supervises the implementation of decisions taken by the General Assembly. Their term of office is three years.
Current composition of the CECIMO Board:


Dr. Hans-Martin Schneeberger

(President, Switzerland)


Mr Carl Dewulf

(small countries)


Mr Luigi Galdabini



Mr César Garbalena



Dr. Heinz-Juergen Prokop



Mr Robert Nefkens

(small countries)


Mr Norbert Jungreithmayr



Mr Francois Duval



The General Assembly ratifies the appointment of the President by the Board for a period of two years. The current President, elected in 2019 until fall 2021, is Dr. Hans-Martin Schneeberger (Switzerland), Chairman of the Board of Schneeberger Holding AG.

List of past CECIMO Presidents


Four Committees have been appointed by the General Assembly to cover our activities and dossiers.


Chairman Economic Committee:

Mr Marcus Burton (United Kingdom, YAMAZAKI MAZAK UK Ltd)


Chairman Technical Committee:

Mr Massimo Carboniero (Italy, OMERA SRL)


Chairman Communication and Advocacy Committee:

Mr Bruno Cathomen (Switzerland, Mikron SA Agno)


Chairman Additive Manufacturing Committee

Mr Stewart Lane (United Kingdom, RENISHAW PLC)

General Commissioner for EMO

The General Commissioner for EMO is nominated by CECIMO as CECIMO owns the exhibition EMO. He/she will be proposed by the Member which organises the exhibition and will be confirmed by the General Assembly.

The General Assembly of 18 June 2019 confirmed Mr Luigi Galdabini (Italy) as the next general Commissioner of EMO 2021.


The Treasurer is elected on the proposal of the Board by the General Assembly. The current Treasurer is Ms Barbara Colombo.

The General Assembly on the proposal of the Board nominates a statutory auditor of CECIMO.

The Secretary General

The Secretary General is appointed by the Board. The daily management of CECIMO is his/her responsibility and he/she carries also the name of Director General. The current Secretary General/Director General is Mr Filip Geerts

Working Groups

On request of the bodies of CECIMO, the General Assembly may set up project teams (also called working groups). The project teams may take over certain tasks over a longer period of time, or take over the responsibility for carrying out a given project. Every member is entitled to delegate participants to the project teams. These may be designated among the staff of national associations or their manufacturing member companies. In addition, experts in specific disciplines (coming from universities for instance) may be co-opted.