What is Additive Manufacturing?

Commonly known as 3D printing – a definition which applies more to the consumers’ market related printers than to industrial applications – additive manufacturing (AM) is the official industry standard term for all applications of the technology. It is defined as the “technology that applies the additive shaping principle and thereby builds physical 3D geometries by successive addition of material.” 

CECIMO engagement on AM:

Additive Manufacturing is an integral part of the metalworking scope of CECIMO.
To support and promote AM in Europe, we diversify our range of actions.


CECIMO ensures that AM is a top priority at the European and International level and that European regulators maintain a favourable policy framework for the growth of this technology in our region. Currently, CECIMO monitors and acts upon:


Intellectual property rights and liability




Trade deals and dual-use export control


Skills gap


EU funding


CECIMO is involved in several EU projects. We cooperate with businesses, research centres, associations, universities, in areas of strategic importance for the competitiveness and the further development of additive manufacturing, such as skills and new technology ideas. 

Our network

CECIMO engagement towards additive manufacturing is mirrored by its vast network of actors. We have a CECIMO AM Committee and CECIMO AM Working Group that is joined by key AM market leaders. If you want to be part of CECIMO network for Additive Manufacturing, contact us!




Every year in the European Parliament we organise AMEC, the Additive Manufacturing European Conference.



At EMO, we run the International Conference for Additive Manufacturing (ICAM).



CECIMO is also a regular guest speaker in strategic gatherings and conferences for the AM industry.