Competitiveness for companies and countries is their capacity to increase productivity on the long term, so their products and services contribute to the growth of the economy and return to the society.

CECIMO, as representative of the machine tool industry and related manufacturing technologies, promotes the manufacturing competitiveness of our industry, which has always been investing in digitisation, sustainability and innovation, and therefore contributing to the EU economy. At the same time, the EU should set favourable conditions for our sector to perform at its best and define a forward-looking industrial strategy.

Industrial policy

Since the Competitiveness Council asked the European Commission for a thorough and forward-looking EU industrial policy strategy in 2017, CECIMO has been greatly contributing to the EU debate.

CECIMO has been actively involved in all major public debates, such as the EU Industry Days and has been constantly calling on the EU decision makers to deliver the right framework conditions for the EU industry to be a leader on the global stage.

CECIMO also joined the Industry4Europe Coalition, a large and unprecedented coalition of 138 EU Industry Associations, to campaign in one voice and to help set a long-term vision for the EU’s industrial and manufacturing strategy.

In particular:


We need improved governance and transparency.

The European Commission should work closely with the Member States and industry. The EU Industry Day and the High-Level Industrial Roundtable “Industry 2030” are very important steps towards transparency and accountability, therefore all interested stakeholders should have access to information on the progress of the discussion.


EU policymakers should only legislate where market failure exists.

A business-friendly environment gives the necessary certainty to businesses for them to invest in skills, innovation and to adapt to trends of emerging technologies, global competition, the low-carbon economy and so on.


A financial support is needed to have access to technology.

The renewed industrial policy should ensure that the EU financial instruments are directed towards key areas for the manufacturing sector and they support the “real economy”, meaning investment in new technologies and infrastructure.


CECIMO is also part of Manufuture, a platform that aims at creating a knowledge community and increasing the engagement of industrial stakeholders of the manufacturing sector. In December 2018 the High-Level Group produced its 2030 Vision for a competitive, sustainable and resilient manufacturing, that will lead to the next revolution.

Last but not least, CECIMO is member of EFM, the European Forum for Manufacturing. Through this partnership, we organize high level meetings and conferences that gather together EU representatives and the manufacturing industry. (link to policy dinner debate report)