80% of adults

must be equipped with
at least basic digital skills

20 mil ICT specialists

must be employed,

75% of EU companies

should be using cloud computing/AI/big data

+90% of EU SMEs

should reach at least a
basic level of digital intensity

**EU digital skill targets to be reached by 2030 according to a study by CEDEFOP (2022) **

CECIMO Campaign on Skills 2023

Over the past decades, the manufacturing sector has faced changes on multiple fronts. This is a result of the digital transformation, which goes beyond the digitisation of existing processes. It is of utmost importance to have a skilled workforce to master the digital and green transition of the sector, given that upskilling and reskilling at scale can enhance the economic capacity of businesses. At the same time, it can create an ecosystem that ensures all workers are employable and productive in the new world of work. The EU needs to form a new generation of skilled workers to achieve a high level of competitiveness and to facilitate the industrial twin transition.

In the context of the European Skills Year , CECIMO aims to tackle the skills challenges that impact our industry, as well as our society. In that regard, CECIMO plans different awareness-raising campaigns in order to promote and support the development of digital/green skills in advanced manufacturing, given that the advanced manufacturing workforce can be considered the transition’s engine of any sector.

With the planned actions for this year, CECIMO will not only expand awareness about the relevance of the sector, but will also strengthen the visibility of our members. In the same vein, matching people’s aspirations and skill sets with job opportunities in our industry may activate more women and young people for the labour market, hence leaving nobody behind. Besides displaying the challenges our sector is encountering in skills development, they may shift the EU focus on sufficient investment in reskilling and upskilling to ensure a workforce possesses adequate digital and green skills in advanced manufacturing.

Nicolas Schmit, Commissioner for Jobs & Social Rights for CECIMO Campaign on Skills

Our national associations are actively involved in different initiatives to attract new talents and bridge the skills gap in the manufacturing sector:

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