CECIMO in new book on Additive Manufacturing training

27 July 2018

CECIMO contributes to a new book, entitled ‘Additive Manufacturing – Developments in Training and Education’, which outlines all the latest strategies and teaching methods in the field.

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a rapidly developing technology, so having well-trained specialists is essential. A future-ready workforce requires the development of new AM teaching curricula and training programmes that not only addresses employer needs, but also include both technical and business aspects.

As a result, educational content and training guidelines need to be updated to ensure that industrialists, educators, researchers and professionals are kept relevant and aware of current practices related to AM.

This book brings together the contributions of leading international experts to discuss aspects of new means of teaching, provide training programmes to gain alternative employment pathways, and highlight the need for certification by professional bodies and the use of community-oriented maker spaces to promote awareness of AM among society.

CECIMO contributed to the book, which has just been published, by writing the chapter: ‘’The Machine Tool Industry’s Changing Skills Needs: What is the Impact of Additive Manufacturing Technologies?’’.

The chapter illustrates findings from CECIMO’s EU-funded projects on AM competences and job profiles. Delving into the skillset of the future AM workforce, the chapter points to the emergence of new skills specific to additive technologies, while emphasising the continued relevance of some other competences common in subtractive manufacturing.

More details of the book can be found on: https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783319760834