The Fall 2019 edition of CECIMO Magazine is about vision. Machine tool companies have been establishing themselves for many years as global frontrunners in advanced manufacturing, and they are evolving and adapting to new technologies and innovations. CECIMO is embracing this wind of change in its daily work and you will be able to read thorough contributions on the subject.

Not only vision, this issue is also about skills. New technologies are defining the skills of future workers and CECIMO analyzed such disruption from the perspectives of our industry, EU institutions and stakeholders.

CECIMO magazine is also our mean to show support to a stronger and united Europe, as we will do our utmost for contributing to the priorities of the new European Commission.

In addition:
• Former Commissioner Vella looks into the contribution of industry to circular economy
• Future of work: how Artificial Intelligence and other technologies are changing the skills needed in the job market
• Standardisation for Digitising European Industry: a look into the results of the working groups.
• CECIMO Rapporteur for IIoT at the Strategic Forum for Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI)

We hope you enjoy reading our magazine – and be sure to share it with friends, colleagues, or anyone else who may be interested.