Manufacturing Innovations: Unleashing the Power of Change

The Fall 2023 edition of our magazine is dedicated to the topic of “Manufacturing Innovations: Unleashing the Power of Change.” It covers a range of topics that are considered to be key drivers of sustainable and digital development. Exploring areas such as advanced manufacturing, data, IoT, AI, and cybersecurity, you will discover how digital innovation is streamlining processes, improving efficiency, and unveiling fresh horizons for the manufacturing landscape. Our articles also explore how manufacturing is embracing green practices, minimising waste and reducing its carbon footprint. In line with our commitment to the future of manufacturing, this issue has a strong focus on addressing the skills gap in our industry. We highlight initiatives and programmes aimed at bridging this gap, and emphasise the importance of digital and green skills required for key enabling technologies.

We would like to thank all contributors for their efforts in making this magazine possible. We hope you will enjoy reading all the articles and that you will find it informative and valuable to keep your business models on track for the future challenges.