The Fall 2022 edition of our magazine is dedicated to the topic of Sustainable Manufacturing in the Digital Age, taking on board different topics to promote our vision towards future-oriented manufacturing and business continuity. In order to overcome the current geopolitical challenges and disruptions caused by the global pandemic, while ensuring industry competitiveness, it is critical to invest in innovative solutions and adopt advanced manufacturing technologies. Therefore, this magazine highlights different initiatives and policies relevant to the industry sector. This issue covers a variety of themes that are considered as the main drivers of sustainable and digital development, such as skills, data sharing, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and standards. To this end, this edition puts the spotlight on technology-driven skills, along with different issues that companies are facing in the process of adopting new technologies and ensuring that their workforce and businesses are ready for the green and digital transition. Moreover, we bring to you the latest updates on the EU-funded projects that CECIMO is currently involved in.

We would like to thank all contributors for their efforts in making this magazine possible. We hope you will enjoy reading all the articles and that you will find it informative and valuable to keep your business models on track for the future challenges.