Commissioner Moedas: additive manufacturing is the new frontier in industry

31 March 2015

CECIMO participated today in a meeting with Mr. Carlos Moedas EU Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science, organized by a think-tank, in Brussels. The Commissioner presented his vision and plans for the EU research policy during his four years term.
Responding to a question regarding the role of manufacturing in the future of the EU economy, Mr. Moedas underlined that the EU industrial base is strong compared to most other world regions and Europe should capitalize on this to ensure future economic prosperity. He said that manufacturing is going through dramatic changes as the interface between physical and digital worlds is blurring and as data is becoming a major driver of productivity and efficiency. According to the Commissioner, in a world moving from standardized mass-produced products to products which are personalized and produced in small batches, additive manufacturing appears as a key component of this paradigm shift. Digitized, smart and connected manufacturing systems will underpin the future industry and Europe needs to look towards that direction, he concluded.
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