FMTI- Skills Initiatives

FMTI’s activities related to skills development are the following:

Bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in mechanical engineering – on the initiative and with support by the FMTI at the University of Applied Sciences “Technikum” Vienna.

Equality with the bachelor graduates – establishing the HTL-Ebgineer (=Higher Technological Institute) at level 6 in the National Qualifications Framework.

Endowed professorship at Graz University of Technology: at the Technical University of Graz, an endowed professorship was established with a focus on “Smart Factory”.

Endowed professorship at the Johannes Kepler University: professorship for production engineering and quality assurance co-initiated and implemented by the FMTI.

Endowed professorship “Additive manufacturing of high-performance materials” at the Montan University of Leoben.

TU Graz Assistantship Building Technology in cooperation with FMTI and the Technical Association.

TU Vienna: Financial support for the tutor network to improve exam results.

Conducting Studies on HTL (Higher Technological Institute: need for HTL skills in the metal technology industry and study on need for IT skills.

Image and apprenticeship campaigns, radio spots, short film projects on ORF, trade fairs.

Owns a webpage to support apprenticeships in metal technology industry.

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