The project intends to identify and define the labour market skills for the digital and green transitions in six critical industrial sectors for the EU, including Automotive, Energy, Batteries, Defence, Maritime, and Additive Manufacturing (AM).

This set of green curricula and innovative training practices will serve as a basis for Education organisations to establish a network of Green Education Providers. By creating this network, the GREEN Project is taking proactive measures to equip the European workforce with the necessary skills and knowledge to address the challenges that impact the world of work and move towards a sustainable future.

The network will bring together a diverse group of experts, VET providers, and industry leaders to collaborate on developing and integrating green skills into VET curricula. This initiative will foster advanced knowledge of green technologies, develop innovative training programmes, and define recommendations to support the European efforts towards green transition in industrial ecosystems. 

The project started in December 2022 and will end in November 2024. CECIMO is the leader of dissemination and communication activities.

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