Innovative Training Revolution: Immersive Learning and On-the-Job Training

19 January 2023, 11.00-12.00 (CET)


In a time of rapid digital transformation and life-learning as a new normal, the need to constantly reskill and upskill is considerably increasing. Technical training, upskilling and reskilling in advanced manufacturing constitute an indispensable part of a growing economy, notably in the near future, where 25-45% of jobs will be subject to automation. Therefore, the concepts of digitisation and simulative environments call for safer, faster and more versatile training methods that can be successfully implemented and efficiently overcome skills shortages in Machine Tool Industries: Immersive Learning and On-the-Job Training.

This webinar intented to raise awareness about successfully implemented pioneering training practices, which can improve skills performance and ensure employees possess the necessary competencies to optimise new technologies. The objective was to exchange experiences and good practices and to provide an overview of modern training methods for companies by bringing together industrial actors, technological centres, and other relevant stakeholders.



Thomas Schneider

Managing Director of Research and Development, TRUMPF

Dr. Thomas Schneider is in charge of development at TRUMPF. Born in Ludwigshafen, he studied mechanical engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and did his PhD in the field of electrical engineering materials. Before joining TRUMPF as head of LifeCycle Engineering/Product Quality and Production Platforms, he held various positions in industry and at McKinsey as a product development expert.



Silvia Giordano

Professor and Head of the Trustworthy and Security Group, SUPSI University of Applied Sciences

Professor. Dr. Silvia Giordano heads the Trustworthy and Security group, the Complex Systems research area, and is in the SUPSI Strategic Research Group. Her current research includes Social Computing: disinformation and malicious actors detection; Industry4.0: VR-based training with emotion recognition; Privacy and Security: people and SMEs awareness and solutions.



Jannik Rosemeyer 

PhD student and Research Assistant, Darmstadt University of Technology 

Yannik Rosemeyer is a PhD student and research assistant at the Institute of Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools (PTW) at Darmstadt University of Technology since 2020. His research interests include the introduction of ML applications as well as the competence development of production employees and shop floor managers for the use of ML applications.


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