MTA - Skills Initiatives

The MTA is supporting its members across the whole spectrum in attracting new talent, through:

Launching the 2023 edition of Technology Design and Innovation (TDI) Challenge: offers school and college students a unique opportunity to showcase their project work to an industry.

Owning and organising MACH (A national exhibition of manufacturing technologies).

  • MTA has its Dedicated Zone to Education & Development
  • MTA participated in MACH 2022, where
  • 2000 Students came from across the UK and France
  • 55 Schools and Colleges
  • MTA Members supplied apprentices for guided tours
  • MTA Members sponsored coach travel to ensure it was fully inclusive
  • Interactive activities for students to participate in
  • Dedicated careers advice
  • Next MACH2024.

Providing Apprenticeship Grants and Loans to its members.

Providing Upskilling/reskilling

  • Discounted training available nationwide through partnerships with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and IMechE (for technical skills) and E3 Leadership Learning (for communication skills).

Developing future MTA Training Platform

    • The MTA will be setting up its own Learner Management System. This platform will give MTA members to facility to access and manage their staff training requirements. We also plan to have a dedicated area for students to access information on the machine tooling sector. The Platform will include:
    • Compliance Training
    • Classroom Based Skills Training
    • Online Skills Training
    • Student Portal

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