3D PRISM showcased the project’s results at EMO Hannover 2017

09 October 2017

Hannover, 18-23 September 2017 – 3D Prism presented the results of the research developed in the past years at EMO Hannover. The project defined the skills needed to work with additive manufacturing machines and created a MOOC that will improve and harmonize AM knowledge among students and teachers.

EMO is the world's premier trade fair exhibiting the entire bandwidth of modern-day metalworking technology. This year, EMO took place in Hannover between 18 and 23 September and counted around 2200 exhibitors from all major industrial sectors, such as machinery and plant construction, the automotive industry and its component suppliers, aerospace technologies, precision mechanics and optics, shipbuilding or medical technology.

CECIMO booth exhibited the 3D Prism project during the whole fair and its location in Hall 27, dedicated to Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing applications, proved successful in disseminating the project’s results to the largest manufacturing companies at global level. We also think that EMO was the occasion for training centres within the companies to take up our results. At EMO visitors and other exhibitors were presented with different resources from 3D Prism.

As the development of skills required to enter the 3D printing job market is not currently supported by vocational education and training (VET) programs and apprenticeships that can lead to certification, applied 3D printing skills remain unavailable to most VET job profiles. That’s why the project produced a guide for VET trainers involved in additive manufacturing and two occupational profiles: an entry-level technician and an experienced level technician. Thanks to surveys and desk-researches, the profiles provide factual and theoretical knowledge, and categorize a range of cognitive and practical skills required to generate solutions to specific problems in AM.

The consortium then used the profiles to develop learning units. These learning units are included in an online course of study called the 3D Prism MOOC, which will be made available over the Internet without charge to any interested user. The 3DPRISM MOOC aims at supporting VET provision to equip technicians and operators with 3D printing skills. The MOOC also provides learners with the basics of Additive Manufacturing implications for manufacturing industries, advantages and limitations of the technology, plus its comparison to subtractive manufacturing. It is structured along different sections and at the end of each section, people can take a quiz to test their knowledge. The MOOC was premiered at EMO Hannover and visitors could interact and test it on a large touchscreen. They were also asked to provide the consortium with a feedback and contribute to final version of it with their suggestions. During the whole week, companies and trainers passing by the CECIMO EMO booth showed great interest in making use of the MOOC to train students and employees.

If you want to know more about the documents and the online learning units, please contact us at info@3dprism.eu.