Blue Competence Machine Tools: Success Stories

29 January 2014

Blue Competence Machine Tools: Success Stories
The Blue Competence Machine Tools initiative enables Alliance Members to effectively communicate their latest technologies and energy-efficient solutions. Company-specific Success Stories are one of the instrumental tools used by Alliance Members to inform their stakeholders about the improvements they have made.
Machine tools are vital to ecological improvements in manufacturing industries and the European machine tool builders are intensively working on ensuring that their products and processes can be designed, manufactured and operated with maximum energy-efficiency. Nevertheless, machine tool builders also need to ensure that their customers are aware of the technologies and solutions they offer. Most of them being SMEs, they increasingly need to develop and implement effective communications and marketing campaigns to reach customers.  
In line with this, one of the main goals of the Blue Competence Machine Tools initiative is to increase the capacity of machine tool companies to communicate their energy-efficiency solutions via company-specific communication materials, such as Success Stories. In fact, since the launch of the initiative at European level by CECIMO, Success Stories published by Alliance Members in several languages have been an attraction point of the Blue Competence communication and promotion activities such as online platforms and exhibition booths. The primary goal of Success Stories is to help Alliance Members showcase customers how energy-efficient solutions are delivered with specifications on energy saving facts and figures.
Success Stories also prove how machine tool builders can reach high environmental performances in various ways through diversified and customised technologies depending on customer needs. What is common to all the Alliance Members is that there isn’t one single measure that offers the best solution for achieving energy-efficiency. On the contrary, the crucial consideration point of Alliance Member is to do the right thing at the right stage of production, be it in development and design, manufacture, operation, and refurbishment or recycling. Just to give a few examples, some methodologies showcased through Success Stories include mass reduction ensuring less energy consumption for the acceleration of functions; heat recovery systems enabling waste heat to be available for pre-warming; and, intelligent monitoring systems supporting the machine’s operator to systematically improve the energy-efficiency of the processes involved.
Many Alliance Members are to showcase their Success Stories also at the Blue Competence booth (Halle 16; Stand-No: 16H39) at the METAV Trade Fair in Dusseldorf from the 11th to the 15th of March 2014, where the latest metalworking technologies will be presented. For further information on the Blue Competence booth at METAV, please contact Emir Demircan, Project Manager, CECIMO at
Please see the Success Stories available in English below: