CECIMO Business Climate Barometer – Q1 2022 Update

10 May 2022

Based on the latest results of the CECIMO Business Climate Barometer survey (April 2022), the general business climate among CECIMO Machine Tools builders has remained positive, reaching 23% of the positive percentage balance in Q1 2022. This was much better than anticipated in the previous survey, when expectations were around 7%. Considering all factors that currently affect business activity, such as skilled labour shortages, shortages of raw materials, delivery constraints, the uncertainty caused by the Russo - Ukrainian war and rising energy prices; machine tool producers still expect the general business climate to remain positive in the second quarter of 2022 (+4%).

Machine tool producers expressed slightly higher expectations for domestic production, while exports and employment in the next quarter (Q2 2022) are expected to grow slower.

More details on the survey results will be released in our upcoming Economic and Statistical Toolbox (June 2022).