CECIMO launches, along with Asian partners, an international machine tool exhibition in Shanghai, China

11 March 2013

Brussels, 11 March 2013 - The EMTE-EASTPO Machine Tool Exhibition will be held in Shanghai at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre from 14 to 17 July 2014. The joint exhibition will leverage on the combined strengths and expertise of three partners: CECIMO, EASTPO Culture and Development and MP Organisation. Mr Filip Geerts, director general of CECIMO, the European Association of the Machine Tool Industries, says : “Our purpose is to meet the need of European machine tool builders to have another machine tool exhibition at the right place: Shanghai and time: on even years to meet their potential customers. This exhibition should respond to our quality standards for exhibitors and visitors.

The global machine tool market is marked by an enormous market shift towards Asia, more especially towards China, which makes it the place to be for European machine tool builders. Asia’s share in global consumption amounted to just under 67 per cent. Demand in Asia shows dynamic growth. Most machine tools worldwide were purchased in China (for €28.1 billion) and with a share of 45 per cent in world consumption.  China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and India collectively account for 65 per cent of the global consumption for machine tools, and they are looking to buy European machine tools.

By holding a machine tool exhibition in the heart of Asia, CECIMO’s national associations hope to establish a stronger footing in Asia for their member companies to sustain their business and, potentially, capture a bigger market share in these emerging economies. After all, that is what CECIMO is all about: promoting the European machine tool industry worldwide.

This European Machine Tool Exhibition (EMTE) must respond to our European quality standards for exhibitors and visitors. Therefore, a CECIMO-EMTE Organising Team composed of people experienced in organizing national and international machine tool exhibitions, as well as national pavilions worldwide, has been created.  As this initiative is founded and driven by the associations representing the machine tool builders in Europe, they have a perfect understanding of the market needs. However, this expertise must be complemented by good local partners who have experience organizing international exhibitions, particularly of machine tools, in Asia and specifically in Shanghai. CECIMO had the great opportunity to partner with MP and ECD to jointly organize a large-scale machine tool trade exhibition in Shanghai for the Asian market. It gave us the opportunity to graft ourselves to one of the three largest machine tool exhibitions in China and the region, namely the Shanghai International Machine Tool Fair, better known as EASTPO.

EMTE: an exhibition of international quality and standard

The first EMTE-EASTPO exhibition is expected to be a high quality showcase of innovative technology and practical solutions presented by leading names from around the world. CECIMO’s Mr Geerts explained, “It will be the only CECIMO-backed exhibition in Shanghai, and the organising team has a strong track record of organising machine tool exhibitions and related shows.”

Following the strong tradition of major exhibitions in Europe, EMTE-EASTPO has in place strict exhibitor admission rules. We will also ensure that the intellectual property rights of manufacturers are not infringed, and that there will be live demonstrations of exhibits presented according to product sectors.

EMTE-EASTPO 2014 will showcase the best from the machine tool industry from around the world. EASTPO alone covered 84,000 square meters of gross exhibition space in 2012, and the addition of EMTE is expected to add quite many square meters to the area covered by the four-day exhibition.

The wide array of exhibits will be displayed in sectors that include machine tools, precision tools, parts, components, accessories, manufacturing and process automation, metrology and quality assurance, and services.

For more information, please visit www.emte-eastpo.com or contact MP Organisation (email: emte-eastpo@mpinetwork.com, tel: +65 63930224).



Since its creation in 1950, CECIMO has committed itself to the promotion of the machine tool industry worldwide and a European Machine Tools Exhibition was created for this reason in 1951. It was organised for the first time under the name of EMO® in 1975 in Paris. EMO® is a registered trademark by CECIMO. It receives the support of its 15 CECIMO member associations which represent and promote the interest of 1,450 European companies, accountable for 97% of the European production of machine tools and 32% of the world production of machine tools. More than three quarters of CECIMO’s production is shipped abroad, whereas half of it is exported outside Europe. For more information, visit www.cecimo.eu


Shanghai EASTPO Culture Development Co., Ltd is a leading exhibition company in China, specialising in providing quality platforms for trade and information exchange for the mechanical industries. It is the organiser of the Shanghai International Machine Tool Fair (EASTPO) since 1999. The show is well-known among machinery industry exhibitors and buyers. For more information, please visit www.eastpo.net.

About MP Organisation & MP International
MP Organisation Pte Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of the MP International group. Established in 1987, MP specialises in organising exhibitions, conferences and special events. The group has organised and managed over 1,000 national, regional and international events, including the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) 2009 Leaders’ Week. It is a leading international organiser of trade exhibitions, including ITMA and ITMA ASIA. A member of the Pico group, MP is headquartered in Singapore with a global footprint across Asia and Europe. For more information, visit Opens external link in new windowwww.mpinetwork.com.