CECIMO President Luigi Galdabini to address the World Manufacturing Forum in May

07 March 2016

The World Manufacturing Forum will be held 3-4 May 2016 in Barcelona, Spain, under the theme "From Global Challenges to Grand Manufacturing Opportunities: Leading towards Growth and Sustainability." CECIMO is partner of this event.
Mr Luigi Galdabini, CECIMO president, speaks in the session Disruptive Strategies Towards the Next Manufacturing Era on 4 May 2016. The session will discuss modern manufacturing challenges and will explore new manufacturing paradigms and strategies able to promote future sustainability and competitiveness in the global market.
More about the session:
The primary impetus in all manufacturing companies is to reinforce the manufacturing competitiveness by fostering differentiation and continuously improving operational efficiency. Current trends such as the increased rate of technological change, market globalization, customization needs and social and environmental sustainability requirements are considered key drivers for the future of manufacturing.
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