CECIMO’s input largely included in the “Study on KETs-related skills” published by the European Commission

18 November 2015

Last winter, CECIMO provided its sectoral input for the “Study on skills related to Key Enabling Technologies (KETs)” conducted by DG Research and Innovation in partnership with PwC (attached). The general objective of the study was to provide European policy makers with the analysis and recommendations on skills in KETs, both from the EU RD funding programmes and the policy perspectives, to tackle the growing skills imbalances. Specifically, the study aimed to develop recommendations for the EU RD funding programmes to help tackle the issue of skills imbalances in the KETs.

The report was recently published and CECIMO is glad that its input was extensively used, with specific examples from the machine tool industry, and that its policy priorities are taken into account.  In addition, specific initiatives: VDW-Nachwuchsstiftung, IMH (the Machine Tool Institute) in Spain and AFM’s recent traineeship initiative are also used in the report as good practices from KETs.

Contact: Opens window for sending emailEmir Demircan, CECIMO Project Manager
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