CECIMO to speak about the shortage of KETs graduates at the European conference on digital and key enabling technologies skills

14 April 2015

On 1 June 2015 at the occasion of the European Conference on digital and key enabling technologies (KETs) organized by the European Commission in Brussels. CECIMO director general Filip Geerts will participate in the panel discussion: “Is there really a shortage of KETs graduates and workers in Europe? Statements and experiences from stakeholders”. Access the full programme here.
This conference is organised to discuss with leading stakeholders and experts from government, academia and industry on the latest developments on skills for e-leadership and key enabling technologies. It is an interactive platform for exchanging opinions and co-creating solutions on the skills issues in KETs and ICT, and for bringing together all key stakeholder groups. The conference is organised in the context of two initiatives of the European Commission, namely KETs skills and e-leadership initiatives.
CECIMO has been part of the HLG on KETs since its beginnings. Mr Javier Eguren, former CECIMO President, was appointed as member of the HLG and he is assisted in this work by Mr. Filip Geerts, CECIMO Director General in his capacity as Sherpa. The KETs skills initiative, launched in January 2014, focuses on the needs of employers with regard to KETs skills and the ways to best satisfy those needs. The initiative builds on the European strategy for KETs and the work of the High Level Group on KETs and their recommendations on skills.