CECIMO welcomes the new Communication and Ethics Guidelines on Artificial Intelligence

10 April 2019

CECIMO welcomes the publication of the Ethics Guidelines for trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (AI), presented by the High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence during the #DigitalDay2019. Together with the European Commission Communication “Building Trust in Human Centric Artificial Intelligence”, these are important milestones for the EU Artificial Intelligence Roadmap.

The European Commission Communication will launch in June 2019 a targeted piloting phase. The piloting phase aims to obtain structured feedback from stakeholders, among them industry and public administrations, and to ensure that the ethical guidance can be tested and implemented in practice. CECIMO looks forward to the launch of the piloting phase and is willing to contribute to the work of the Commission by providing inputs regarding the machine tool sector and the specific use cases.

CECIMO supports the foreseen lines of action as described in the Communication and in particular the development and implementation of a model for data sharing with a focus on industrial manufacturing with the support of Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe and the future Digital Europe programme.

Finally, CECIMO is committed to raise awareness on the deployment of AI in the machine tool sector which follows a human-centric approach aiming at increased efficiency and innovation in the advanced manufacturing processes.