Experts’ report recognizes AM as strategic technology for Europe’s future

27 June 2019

CECIMO welcomes the Industry 2030 expert group report, which was published today. We believe that it is an important step towards a long-term EU industry strategy for Europe. We are pleased to see that Strategic Value Chains (SVCs) and value creation networks are recognised as key drivers of success. In this respect, CECIMO, as rapporteur for the IIoT SVC at the Strategic Forum on IPCEIs, has been advocating for a comprehensive approach that would empower industrial actors across sectors to team up and lead together the digital transformation.

Promoting additive manufacturing is among the recommendations by the Industry 2030 expert group and is seen as an opportunity for Europe. CECIMO could not agree more! Additive Manufacturing technology is pivotal for EU value creation. Not only it allows for shorter supply chains and reduced time and cost in developing, designing and testing new products. But it also contributes to sustainability, technology deployment and innovation.

Now it’s up to the next European Commission to turn the Industry 2030 vision into reality!