Joint industry statement on the EU Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act

23 February 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will constitute a key technology for economic development in the European Union, and its integration into industrial processes is a priority for the EU and its Member States. The AI Act has the opportunity to set out a first-of-its-kind legislative framework on Artificial Intelligence and will shape how AI is developed and deployed in Europe.

The European Parliament has so far suggested many important modifications to the original proposals, and we applaud the constructive spirit that has been prevalent during the negotiations on a Draft Report. At the same time, we remain concerned by the possibility of significantly deviating from the AI Act’s original proposal and goals to establish a risk-based approach to AI that fosters innovation and uptake in Europe. In particular, we urge the European Parliament to ensure that any possible new requirements and amendments to the Act are introduced taking into account their technical feasibility, impact on legal certainty, and the ability of AI developers, deployers, and users to comply with them.

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