CECIMO’s Reply to the European Commission Consultation on the Sustainable Product Initiative

10 June 2021

CECIMO submitted its reply to the open consultation on the Sustainable Product Initiative, highlighting the pivotal role of machine tools and additive manufacturing technologies in the green transition.

We believe that the Sustainable Products Initiative, proposed by the European Commission (EC), can help bringing the needed changes in product design and production processes. At the same time, we urge the European Commission to ensure that the Sustainable Products initiative sets requirements and parameters that bring clear and significant added value without negatively impacting the industry's competitiveness.

The manufacturing sector must continue being a key contributor in developing the initiative and its instruments (in particular, the digital product passport).

The path towards sustainable products will require significant changes throughout different value chains, impacting product design, material use, production processes, business models and waste management.

Therefore, the sectors involved in this sustainable transition will have to receive appropriate support, as new costs (investment in new manufacturing technologies or adoption of new materials), additional administrative burdens and the adoption of new business models, will certainly pose challenges.

CECIMO looks forward to collaborating with the European Commission and other industry stakeholders on this very important matter.