“The clock is ticking, time to end tariffs once and for all!” say unrelated sectors

29 October 2021

Brussels/Washington – 29 October 2021

Ahead of the G20 Heads of State & Government Summit to be held in Rome this weekend, 74 sectors unrelated to the Section 232 steel and aluminium dispute urge U.S. & EU leaders to reach an agreement to remove retaliatory tariffs, and the threat of tariffs, on products unrelated to the dispute.

Since June 2018, our industries, suppliers and supply chains have greatly suffered from the imposition or threat of tariffs stemming from the steel & aluminium dispute, which is wholly unrelated to our sectors. The last 18 months have been particularly challenging due to the COVID-19 crisis. We are only slowly starting to rebound from this crisis, while facing supply chain and logistics disruptions. Tariffs, and the threat of tariffs, are acting as major barriers at a time when we want to focus on creating jobs, growth and investments in both Europe and the U.S.

We welcome the EU’s decision not to impose the second tranche of rebalancing tariffs on 1 June to de-escalate the Section 232 dispute and the pledge made by the U.S. and EU to find a solution before 1 December. However, with only a month left before the 1 December deadline, we now need to see a permanent resolution of this dispute which has already lasted far too long. This will allow the EU and U.S. to strengthen the transatlantic trading relationship, which is of key importance to our industries, and to tackle pressing common challenges together, in a spirit of unity.