The European Commission sends a strong signal today with the launch of the European Industrial Strategy

10 March 2020

The European Industrial strategy will be instrumental in supporting European businesses’ international competitiveness, while managing the digital transformation and the green transition. Public policies and targeted measures should create the right framework conditions to address the above-mentioned challenges and ensure that companies of all sizes, traditional industry and -in particular- Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), are all able to thrive, innovate and grow to make the most out of new digital technologies.

CECIMO would like to put forward its considerations on how the geopolitical concerns can be addressed in order for the Europe Union to stay on top of the global competition. Firstly, the European Commission should protect the European industry from unfair trade practices. For instance, imported goods from third countries ought to meet the same requirements as the ones produced in EU.

Secondly, the European Commission should reinforce the European Single Market and ensure that EU remains ambitious as a global standard setter. Filip Geerts, CECIMO Director General, stated that “Standardisation and certification are important elements which could boost the competitiveness of the European industry at the global level, especially in the area of new digital technologies.”