The Machine Tools Industry – A Key Player in Achieving a More Sustainable Future

12 November 2021

Events like the ongoing COP26 highlight the importance the entire world is currently placing on climate change and its devastating effects, but they also remind us that we need to take immediate action. With ambitions regarding climate protection increasing by the day, the machine tools industry is also placing sustainability at the core of their mission. CECIMO recently created a documentary style video focused on the actions our industry is taking in order to become more sustainable. As our Director General, Filip Geerts, points out:

"As a sector, we still need to ensure that sustainability and circular economy principles become our DNA".

The video includes an overview of the actions already taken by the industry in this sense such as focusing on refurbishing, reusing, recycling and using innovative digital solutions to reduce the impact of machine tools on the environment. It also sheds light on future goals, such as working with policy makers and innovators to achieve the ambitious goals of the circular economy. When it comes to sustainability, our members organisations are innovating in a variety of ways and the video shows examples in this sense from companies like Mikron, Adira, Schneeberger and Framag.

Watch the short documentary below to find out more about why the machine tools industry is a key player in achieving a more sustainable future: