The NAMA Mobile Apps and MOOC course now available

11 October 2016

The Opens external link in new windowNAMA project, an EU-funded initiative aiming to boost the level of numeracy skills in the European advanced manufacturing sector, has just released two mobile apps and a MOOC course for to workers and VET learners in the industry. Because of the increasing importance of numeracy in the advanced manufacturing industry, CECIMO is partner in the project.
Two apps are better than one!
Both NAMA apps use the learning materials previously developed in NAMA. The Opens external link in new windowEveryday App addresses everyday numeracy-related tasks, and the Opens external link in new windowWork App focuses on tasks performed in the manufacturing process. The four levels are each composed of 28 multiple-choice questions, divided in four categories. In the Everyday App, the four groups of questions are: Change & Relationships, Quantity, Space & Shape, Uncertainty & Data. For the Work App, the four categories are: General, CNC Machining, Engineering, Manufacturing.
Once a level selected is completed, the apps show the overall score reached by the user, as well as for each category, for instance CNC Machining. Users can also compare their scores with those achieved by previous players.
See for it yourself
The Everyday and Work mobile applications are available for Android in the Play store, respectively under the title “NAMA Everyday” and “NAMA Work”. They will soon be released for iOS and Windows Phone. Please visit our Opens external link in new windowwebsite for an update on release dates.
The NAMA MOOC, a course for the advanced manufacturing workforce
NAMA has set-up a Opens external link in new windowMassive Open Online Course (MOOC) aimed at boosting the numeracy skills of the advanced manufacturing workforce. Hosted by the Versal online learning platform and taught entirely in English, the MOOC is also based on the learning materials developed in NAMA. It proposes an interactive combination of mathematical theories, videos, examples, quizzes and tasks for adult workers on the shop floor of advanced manufacturing firms as well as for students in training courses or apprenticeships for advanced manufacturing jobs. Anyone can join and the course is centered on the concept of self-improvement by the participant.
The entire course can be completed in an estimated eight weeks, with participants expected to devote between 5 to 15 hours per week to it. Because it is an online course, learners have the freedom to access the NAMA MOOC and conduct its tasks whenever suits them best. There are no certificates released after the completion of this course.
How to sign up for the NAMA MOOC course
The first step for taking the course is to set up a user profile on Versal, the online learning platform which hosts it. Users can do so by clicking Opens external link in new windowhere, and then on “Start course”. They will be redirected to a window for registration to the NAMA MOOC.
Once in, users can navigate between learning units. The participants can complete the learning units in the order they want.