PeneloPe proposes a novel methodology linking product-centric data management and production planning and scheduling in a closed-loop digital pipeline for ensuring an accurate and precise manufacturability from the initial product design.

The project:

  • Will provide a closed-loop digital pipeline connecting engineering, management and production for defining a more accurate manufacturing strategy,
  • Zero-defect manufacturing strategy,
  • Robot-supported manufacturing based on worker-centric solutions,
  • Mobile and ubiquitous ICT technologies.

Penelope targets full-scale industrial demonstration in four strategic sectors:

    Oil and Gas


    Bus and Coach


    Main objective:

    The major goal is to develop a novel closed-loop digital pipeline based on the development of modular and reconfigurable production approach for the manufacturing of high-precision large-scale parts. This solution will be implemented, benchmarked and demonstrated in industrial pilot lines, in real manufacturing conditions, in oil and gas, shipbuilding, aeronautics and bus and coach.

    • Industrial real-scale pilot lines
    • Programming and setting time reduction up to 60%; process time reduction up to 40%
    • European network of didactic factories (easing the access to these technologies) for workforce training

    5 Main Pillars of Penelope:

    • Design for manufacturing ensuring the quality and high precision
    • Digital platform and interoperability
    • Worker-centric tools supporting manufacturing precision
    • Zero-defect manufacturing and Artificial Intelligence
    • Closed-loop digital manufacturing