CECIMO Brussels Forum – Key Takeaways

09 December 2023

The first edition of the CECIMO Brussels Forum, organised by the European Association for Manufacturing Technologies (CECIMO), took place on 6-7 December in the heart of Brussels. The event gathered industry experts, leaders and innovators, aimed to explore and discuss the advances in manufacturing technologies and skills that are critical to the growth of the sector.

The two-day event featured an insightful programme of high-level panel discussions that explored the nuances of innovative manufacturing and skills development. Industry leaders and experts shared their perspectives, fostering a rich exchange of ideas to shape the future of manufacturing in Europe.

A key moment of the Forum was the launch of the inaugural Machine Tools Innovation (MTI) Awards. This competition marks a pioneering effort by CECIMO to recognise and celebrate the most innovative projects in the machine tool sector. The awards serve as a platform to recognise the tireless efforts and ground-breaking achievements of individuals and organisations that contribute to the advancement of machine tool technology.