CECIMO Digitisation Campaign

25 July 2017

Taking into account the digitisation process transforming the European machine tool industry, CECIMO decided to develop a compendium, collecting various business practices already on the market and showcasing the digital evolution of the sector.

This campaign aims to accelerate the uptake of the digital solutions provided by the European machine tool industry. For many companies, mainly SMEs, the issues surrounding connectivity, industrial data and servitisation are often new topics, therefore the need to disseminate good practices. The campaign particularly targets machine tool users from the automotive, aerospace, energy, medical devices and other machinery industries.

The campaign is also addressed to policy-makers at the EU and national levels as to increase their political support by showing the latest innovations from the machine tool industry.

To this end, the project plans at developing 30 case studies of digitisation from forerunner machine tool companies and disseminating them across Europe. Through the campaign, machine tool users as well as the EU machine tool industry will become more aware of the potential that the digitisation process can bring to their sector.